Fun Chesapeake Bay Activities to Do this Summer

There’s so much to see and do around the Chesapeake Bay! What will you be up to this summer?

Can you believe that summer is already half over? If you’re fortunate enough to live near the 200 miles of Chesapeake Bay coast, you’re all set for summer fun! There are loads of great activities for all ages to enjoy this summer. Here are just a few of the many offerings available!  

Learn to Sail

Did you know that Annapolis, Maryland calls itself “America’s Sailing Capital”? Many residents of the Chesapeake Bay area own boats, but sailboats are quite different from many other types. Take an afternoon this summer and go out for a sailing lesson! Even if you know how to sail yourself, it can be a super fun activity to do with any out of town visitors you may have.

A Room with a View

…Well, in this case, the room is actually a basket! If you live on the Eastern Shore or even if you’re just visiting, you will notice that there are seagulls pretty much everywhere you look! Well, you can see the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Shore from the same view as those gulls in a hot air balloon ride! Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, a hot air balloon ride can be a fun family activity or perfect for that romantic picnic with your partner!

From the Bay to Your Table

One of everyone’s absolute favorite Chesapeake Bay activities is fishing! There’s something about spending the day on the water with a couple of fishing rods that delights anglers of all ages. Fish aren’t the only things you can find in the Chesapeake either. You can rake up clams and even trap blue crabs!


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