Insurance for Your Waterfront Home

Insurance for Your Waterfront Home

Living near the water or owning waterfront property can be a delightful experience.

Living near the water or owning waterfront property can be a delightful experience. Even so, do everything you can to keep your home and any other property you hold well-protected. That means you need to invest in the right types of insurance. Here is a guide on how to do that. 

Homeowners Policy 

One of the most critical parts in making sure that your waterfront home has the insurance it needs is to double-check your current homeowner’s policy. There should be full protection, and if there isn’t, then it could be time to renegotiate your plan and get it updated to provide for replacement costs in case your home and belongings are damaged in the next storm that hits your new home. 

Flood Insurance Coverage 

Flood insurance policies are often considered to be distinct from typical homeowners policies. That’s why if you don’t already have one, then now is the best time to purchase one. You will have to do the math and determine how much extra you will need to pay for flood insurance and factor that into your current budget. 

The Possibility of Windstorms

Preparing your home for hurricane season also involves preparing for windstorms that could hit your property. The policy you will need is called windstorm mitigation or hurricane buy-down coverage. This is another expense you will have to work into your budget, but it is one that you can’t afford to overlook.

Reviewing Past Policies 

Reviewing previous policies can give you a better idea of what to expect. Get in touch with your insurance agent and review the policies, especially if you plan on moving soon. Lowering your overall risk is the goal of insurance, and your agent will be able to find and explain any changes that could affect your coverage or payment schedule. 


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