Design Ideas for Your Bathroom 2020

Design Ideas for Your Bathroom 2020

Need some bathroom design inspiration? Here’s what’s trending in 2020.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, a place to unwind and forget about time. Most people do not spend too much time in the bathroom per day, but there is something about enjoying a good soak in the tub. This foundational part of the home deserves all the attention it can get, and in a custom home, you can make it fit with your tastes and lifestyle. As you design your bathroom in 2020, consider these design ideas.

Freestanding Bathtubs

For the most supreme bathroom of 2020, one needs a freestanding bathtub. Deep-soaking tubs are especially desirable, as one can enjoy a spa retreat from the comfort of home in it. A deep-soaking tub is also ideal for bathrooms facing the waterfront, where one can enjoy the view.

Compact Storage

Storage is an essential component to any room in the house, but the bathroom is one of the most in need of smart storage for cleaning supplies, soaps, cosmetics, towels, and all your other materials. Designers have come up with ways to make the most of your bathroom storage, especially if it is a smaller size.

Brass Fixtures

As for fixtures, brass is making a comeback. Out of style for several decades, brass and brushed brass are shining bright with a vintage feel. Their golden color adds warmth, which is another quality in today’s most fashionable bathrooms.

Focal Point Mirrors

While brass is back, giant mirrors are not. Instead, mirrors have become a focal point in the room, looking more like art rather than just a looking glass. One can choose one with an unusual shape or has a frame. This feature adds to the overall style of the room.

Exciting Wall Finishings

Gone are the days when a fresh coat of paint is all one might put on the walls. Wallpaper is back, and this lends one countless patterns and colors from which to choose. While the rest of the room may be solid, neutral tones, the wallpaper can add life. Meanwhile, tile choices are also broad and can apply to the bottom half of the wall rather than the whole. 


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