Easy Ways to Customize a Waterfront Home Plan

Easy Ways to Customize a Waterfront Home Plan

How easy is it to customize a custom floor plan? Quite! Here are a few easy ideas to consider.

Building a customized waterfront home in Maryland is a monumental endeavor, the chance of a lifetime to realize your dream of living on the water in your ideal home. One of the first parts of the process is to choose a custom home plan. With so many great plans to choose from, it may be challenging to know how you could customize one. Is there any way to improve the default for your best interests? There certainly are ways to customize a waterfront home plan, and they aren’t too difficult to do, either!

Move or Add Walls

Many home plans today offer the best layout for modern living, often in the form of an open floor plan. Whether the plan is more open or closed, one can easily reconfigure the walls, moving, eliminating, or adding them to create the spaces in which you’ll function best.

Change the Roof Pitch

Another customizable feature few homeowners may consider is the roof pitch, the angle at which your roof slants on both sides. Some homeowners might raise the pitch to add a room or loft, and others might lower it slightly for the sake of height restrictions.

Change Windows or Doors

You can also easily customize a waterfront home plan by changing your windows and doors. You could switch a window out for a door and vice versa, or change the size or shape of your window or door. Bay windows are also an easy alteration.

Move the Garage Door

It is also no big deal to change the position of your garage doors. If you prefer to have garage doors facing the side of the house and not the front, you can make the change, as well as add a third garage door if you prefer. You could also convert the garage into a utility or living room and have a detached garage instead. 

Add or Remove a Fireplace

Some may consider a fireplace obsolete, while others wouldn’t have a house without this charming and useful living room centerpiece. To add or remove a fireplace is not an enormous obstacle, either.

Change Ceiling Height

High ceilings help to elevate the mind and bring more light into a home. 9-foot-high ceilings are ideal if you want a sense of height in a room without the vaulted ceiling. Raising a ceiling from eight feet to nine is generally not an issue.

Interior Features

Lastly, changing interior features such as the turn of the staircase, the kitchen countertops, or the shower or bathtub are small issues and easy conversions. After all, the home’s interior is meant to fulfill your vision.


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