Islands of the Chesapeake Bay


Islands of the Chesapeake Bay

Set sail from your waterfront home to explore the enchanting islands of the Bay!

Living on the waterfront in Maryland means looking out at the quiet waters with a low, bushy horizon and seeing the boats pass by. With this proximity to the water, you won’t lack for local water activities and sights. The islands of the Chesapeake Bay are at your doorstep, waiting for visitors on a day trip to enjoy all they have to offer.

Smith Island

Smith Island is one of the most historically significant islands of the Chesapeake Bay, discovered and settled by Captain John Smith over 350 years ago and the home of the state dessert, Smith Island cake. Accessible only by ferry from Crisfield or Point Lookout State Park, this island is great for taking in the historic scenery, playing a round of golf, and enjoying nature.

Deal Island

Deal Island is one of three local communities: Deal Island, Wenona, and Chance. This island is truly a watermen’s island, where you will see locals hauling in their day’s catch of oysters and crabs. Deal Island has plenty of sites and activities, including a beach, a wildlife management area, and a two-day festival featuring skipjack racing, fishing and other contests, a craft fair, and other amusements.

Tangier Island

Tangier Island, south of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, is a small island that is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. If your aim is to unwind in a quiet beach environment with great food and friendly people, this is the place for you. You can also take in the history and unique English accent the island still retains.

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse

Built in 1875, the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse might not be one of the islands of the Chesapeake Bay, but it is a historic landmark of the Bay worth visiting. One can visit it through a docent-led tour. Guarding the South River, it is still in active use today. Be sure to have your camera ready!

Tilghman Island

Tilghman Island, located right between the Bay on the left and the Choptank River on the right, is a relaxing watermen’s town with the freshest of seafood. Established in 1650, it offers museums and a taste of the preserved waterman life. It also offers bountiful water activities, great accommodations, and beautiful nature.


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