Minimizing Dirt with a Mudroom

Minimizing Dirt with a Mudroom

A mudroom is one popular way to keep your custom waterfront home clean!

A day on the water, the beach, the hiking trail, or just out on the town can bring in quite a collection of dirt when you come home. A waterfront home is possibly more susceptible to tracked-in dirt than any other type of house in Maryland, and the best way to deal with this issue starts at the front door. One great example is the mudroom; more on minimizing dirt with a mudroom below!

Entryway Cabinetry

The simplest way to create a mudroom, especially if you have limited space, is to line at least one wall with custom cabinetry. A mudroom can consist of more or less of the following elements: closed or open shelving, wall hooks, built-in benches, a small countertop, and memo boards. The configuration and size of your mudroom cabinetry will depend on your needs.

Mudroom Closet

One can also have a mudroom closet or walk-in closet off of the main entrance. This design is easy to implement in a custom home design. With a closet, you save space and have more room to leave backpacks, sports gear, and the like for later organization. There is also more room for extra appliances, listed later on in this post.

Mudroom Garage

If the garage is your most convenient method of entry into your custom home, it might be easier to set up a mudroom-like station on one side of your garage closest to the door into the house. There, one can leave heavy-duty gear, umbrellas, shoes, hats, and more in an easy-to-clean environment.

Mudroom & Laundry Room Combo

Another option is to use your utility room as a mudroom and laundry room at the same time. If it is located not far from your main entryway, you can easily keep your shoes and other outdoor equipment there, just beside or surrounding the laundry station.

Keeping Items Handy

A mudroom setup is highly customizable to suit your daily needs and lifestyle. For example, if you run, it can be a place to grab your running gear easily. If you have children, it can be where they put their coats and backpacks. If you like to host, you can make room for many guests.

Pet Central

Last but not least, the mudroom is the place to take care of dirty paws and fur on the spot. Your pet station can be as simple or complex as you like; some include a kennel for when the owners are out or a pet grooming station.


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