Building a Detached Garage: Pros and Cons

Building a Detached Garage: Pros and Cons

Is a detached garage a good idea for your custom home?

The living spaces of a custom home are all important, but what about the garage? With a custom home, one has the option of either an attached or detached garage, and each has its pros and cons. Here’s a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of building a detached garage in particular.


Flexibility in Size & Location

Detached garages have more flexibility in their size and location. One can build a roomier garage suitable for multiple purposes and more cars. You could even give it a second story. Also, one has different options for garage placement; the best placement depends on multiple factors such as the land and house plan.

Creative Options

A detached garage can easily become a separate room from the house in which to pursue one’s hobby. It can become both a place to house vehicles and tools, and a place to do crafts, play music, do carpentry, or even relax.

More Security

Detached garages generally add more security than not. Should the garage house toxic chemicals, there’s no chance of their fumes leaking into the house by accident. Should a fire break out in the garage, the house is still intact. 


Distance from House

The question remains, “How does one get from the garage to the house in bad weather?” One of the most common solutions is to build a covering between the garage and the house. Depending on the location, one could create a breezeway in between the two structures.

Yard Space

Another concern is yard space. If you want as much yard space as possible, a detached garage could take up more room than an attached garage. However, an attached garage could take away from your home’s square footage.


Lastly, detached garages add to the total building and maintenance expenses. It will cost more to build and have separate utilities for the garage, and you will also have more roofing, siding, etc., to account for when maintaining the home long-term. 


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