Tips for Designing a Master Bathroom

Tips for Designing a Master Bathroom

Shore-Line Construction can incorporate a custom master suite for your custom home!

A master bathroom is one of the most luxurious rooms in a house, and in a custom waterfront home in Maryland, you can make it truly special. It is a place to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate, and in some cases, an area for the whole family to wash up. Designing a master bathroom deserves careful consideration. Below are a few pointers on how to do it well.


It is best to work with your custom home designer on master bathroom layout ideas, but you can also start out with some preliminary ideas and goals. Every bathroom contains at least three elements: the toilet, the sink, and the shower or tub. Common bathroom layouts include lining the three elements in a row, putting one on an opposite wall, creating a separate room or area for the toilet, or putting the shower and/or tub on an adjacent wall from the sink and toilet.

One or Two Sinks

A second question to ask is whether or not you would like one or two bathroom sinks. One bathroom sink can suffice, especially in a smaller bathroom, but having two sinks allows for his and hers areas, so both people can get ready at the same time and store their grooming supplies separately. It all depends on what functions are most important in your daily routine.

Bathtub or Shower?

Another monumental consideration is the bathtub and shower debate. Some master bathrooms do quite well without a bathtub, instead opting for either a merely functional or a luxury spa shower. As long as there is one bathtub in the house, it does not matter as much whether the master bath has one or not. However, the allure of a relaxing bath in a freestanding or enclave tub still runs strong. Some master baths have both a shower and a tub!

Storage Needs

Storage is another major component of any custom bathroom. Storage is often under or above the sink, but one can also add freestanding or wall-mounted storage. Consider what you need to store to make the best estimate of how much storage you will need.

Classic Look

Materials, colors, and styles for master bathrooms are infinite. Some families prefer dark, dramatic colors, while others like a light and airy look. Whatever your preference, Shore-Line Construction can help you develop a stunning design that will remain appealing throughout the years.


At Shore-Line Construction, we know that your home is a reflection of you. That’s why we strive to make each home we build as beautiful as the family who will live there. We work with each of our clients to design a home that fits their needs. The end result is a durable, energy-efficient custom home that the family will enjoy for generations to come. Shore-Line Construction has been serving our customers for over 25 years, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you!

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