Top Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

Top Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

Shore-Line can help you maximize your kitchen’s storage efficiency!

The kitchen is notorious for its potential for clutter and chaos, but a fantastic design and great organization deftly avoid any of those problems. The problems of an old kitchen can translate to a new kitchen, but Shore-Line Construction can help set you up for a beautiful, organized kitchen in your new custom home in Maryland. If you are looking for helpful, big picture kitchen design tips, you are in the right place! Here are the top ways to maximize kitchen storage space in 2022.

Every Inch Used

A timeless piece of advice concerning kitchen storage space is to use every square inch possible. Every space in your kitchen should have an efficient purpose. Your kitchen design is similar to a puzzle, sizing and arranging various storage components in one confined space for maximum efficiency. 

Pull-Out Drawers

In the most recent years, slide-out drawers have become standard for creating maximum, easy-to-reach storage space. Gone are the days of deep kitchen cabinets through which you must rummage. You now have the option of pull-out drawers for your lower and upper cabinets as well as floor-to-ceiling pantries.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is everything in a kitchen, especially for a smaller floor plan. Efficient kitchens make the most of all vertical surfaces. For example, one could install a floor-to-ceiling pantry or cleaning closet or install an open shelf between the countertop and upper cabinetry. One can also make use of the exterior sides of cabinets, walls, and the interior side of cabinet doors.

Sliding or No Doors

For even more room, you can use sliding cabinet doors or no cabinet doors at all. The way your cabinet doors open can impact headroom and traffic flow. If you have limited traffic flow in your kitchen, it could be more efficient to save space by removing swing-out doors altogether.

Organizational Tools

After the kitchen design is complete, there are plenty of other organizational kitchen tools that can help you maximize kitchen storage space even further. Examples include risers, hooks, drawer dividers, soup can holders, and much more.


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