Keep Sand Out of Your Waterfront Home

Keep Sand Out of Your Waterfront Home

Living on the waterfront may mean you need these tips to keep sand out of the house. Try these on for size!

If you live in a waterfront home, there is a chance you have riparian rights, that is, the right to count the shoreline as part of your private property. In the summer especially, you will likely be enjoying the beach as much as you can. While spending time at Maryland beaches is bliss, it also involves quite a bit of sand. Here’s how you can keep sand out of your waterfront home for good.

Outdoor Shower

For the total washing experience, it might be helpful to install an outdoor shower that can wash entire persons from the salt and sand of the Bay and its rivers. If you plan on going swimming often, an outdoor shower could prove highly useful.

Outdoor Hose-Down Area 

If you prefer to hose down just enough to keep you and your family from tracking in piles of sand, then an outdoor faucet for hosing down may be better. It can be an area with multiple purposes, such as hosing down feet, pets, and water gear.

Indoor Hose-Down Area

An indoor hose-down area is another option. You could turn an entryway into a mudroom, where people can wash off themselves, pets, and gear before continuing further into the house. A mudroom is a primary or secondary entrance that may have a side room for washing and storage.

Hard Flooring

Hard flooring like hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, ceramic, and stone can also help massively in keeping sand out of your waterfront home. It may be best to do away with carpets or rugs altogether, aside from an entry mat. Cleaning the floors will be so much easier.

Sand-Removing Tools

Certain design features can tremendously help with keeping sand out of your waterfront home. However, there are also a few tools you can use to help remove sand in a snap. Aside from washing with water, one can try brushing, vacuuming, and applying baby powder to the sandy area.


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