7 Upstairs Hallway Landing Ideas


Hallways are just as customizable as any other part of the home; check out these ideas here!

Custom home design encompasses every part of the home, even the stairway landings! Your Upstairs landings or hallways are a unique part of the house and deserve attention. What is their purpose, aside from being a way to reach a room from the stairs? It turns out there are at least seven clever upstairs hallway landing ideas that you could implement in your new home.

1. Storage & Seating

Upstairs hallways can be a great place to create more storage. It can be a place to neatly hide away knick-knacks, toys, linens, and whatever else you need. It could also have a small sitting area where you can manage those supplies.

2. Art Gallery

If you have no space to make room out of your upstairs hallway landing, you still have a great space to create an art gallery. Hallways and stairwells are two of the best places to display your artwork and photos. An art gallery will add significant interest to these spaces.

3. Mirror Gallery

Mirrors also make for an interesting gallery. One could use one floor-length hallway mirror or multiple mirrors to add light and a sense of spaciousness to this confined area. Of course, one wall mirror can also work wonders for your hallway’s interior design.

4. Reading Nook

As a waterfront custom home company in Maryland, Shore-LIne Construction can adjust a floor plan according to your preferences. The upstairs hallway landing could also be a room serving one of many purposes. A reading nook, fitted with shelves and lighting, could be the start of many literary adventures.

5. Sitting Area

This upstairs enclave could also be a place to catch up with family and friends, a place to sit and chat. Whether you have built-in seating or your own furnishings, this nook could look out over a fabulous view that will draw people to it.

6. Home Office or Studio

Home offices are prized possessions today. A nook on the hallway landing could be the best place for you to get your work done or a great place to pursue hobbies such as art and crafts. Depending on the design, you could look out on a brilliant view.

7. Plant Zone

Do you have a lot of plants and need space to put them? A plant zone could be the answer, a place to put many of your plants together that have the same sunlight requirements. Not only is it convenient, but it creates a living hallway feature. 


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