How Fall Leaves Can Affect Your Home

How Fall Leaves Can Affect Your Home

Fall leaves are a part of the season; here’s why fall chores are well worth it!

Fall leaves are beautiful in Maryland, but they can negatively affect homes, even custom waterfront homes. Maintenance is a major aspect in owning a home that new homeowners should be aware of and ready to take on; dealing with fall leaves is one part of the picture. Here is how fall leaves can affect your home.

Clogged Gutters

The most infamous damage that fall leaves can do is damage to your home’s foundation. This disaster can happen when leaves clog the gutters, keeping rainwater from draining properly and seeping deep around your house’s foundation instead of flowing away from it. Gutter guards and yearly cleaning are the best prevention methods.

Rotting Roof

Can fall leaves make your roof rot? If the roof has asphalt tiles, fall leaves that clump on the roof can eventually cause a moisture buildup that can lead to moisture seeping through the roof. Excess moisture can lead to mold, which would eat away at your roof and its sub-structure. If your roof is metal, clumping leaves could deteriorate the metal.

Stained & Slick Hardscapes

Autumn leaves have an acidic tannin that leaches from them when it rains. This tannin can leave a stain on whatever surface is below it. For homes, it could mean your driveway, walkways, patio, or deck. These stains will not likely last forever but can be hard to remove if you let them sit too long.

Diseased & Patchy Lawn

It is not essential to remove every dead leaf from your lawn; in fact, mulched fall leaves can provide nutrients for your lawn and trees. However, if you let a thick layer of leaves sit on your lawn all year long, it will kill the grass beneath it and possibly cause lawn fungus to germinate.

The Solution Is Easy

Despite how fall leaves can affect your home, prevention takes little thought. Raking your leaves and sweeping them off your hardscapes regularly are simple enough habits to keep your property in good shape. This type of home maintenance is well worth it!


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