Outdoor Spaces for Waterfront Homes


How can you enjoy your waterfront views from the comfort of home? Here are a few ideas!

Waterfront homes are houses that sit directly in front of a water view. They may even have riparian rights, which is access to the water itself. These types of homes make the most of the views with expansive windows spanning the entire water-facing side of the house, bringing the outdoors in. However, it is nice to sit outside as well. What are some ways that you could enjoy the views outdoors? These outdoor spaces for waterfront homes can spark your creativity.

Ideas for Outdoor Spaces for Waterfront Homes


Many custom waterfront homes have multiple stories; they may even sit higher to prevent flooding. If your custom home has more than one story, you could consider adding a balcony or two. You could sit on the balcony off of your bedroom or office at the front or back of the house, enjoying the fresh air and views all around.


Your home could also have a front porch, a back porch, or a wrap-around porch. A porch sits at the ground floor level or whichever floor has your main front and back entrances. You could also install a screened porch that stands alone or connects to your home.


A pavilion is a freestanding outdoor feature that has a solid, pyramidal-shaped or hip roof. In one of our custom home projects, the Loraditch Bay house, pavilions flanked either side of the house, creating two outdoor seating areas that took full advantage of the views in the shade.


Decks can be open or covered; for instance, one could have an open deck with one section covered by a pergola, screened porch, pavilion, or gazebo. Excellent for barbecues, decks make the most of the sunlight.


If your back door is ground level, a patio could suit your home better than a deck. Patios can come with many trimmings, such as sitting walls, built-in LED lights, fire pits, fireplaces, and more. Is this option right for your custom home


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