Red Flags to Know When Buying Land

Red Flags to Know When Buying Land

Make wise decisions when looking at land for sale by knowing the red flags.

Buying land is no small matter; it is an investment you will hopefully get to call home for many years, particularly if you are building a custom home. Do not by any means jump into looking for land without knowing the ins and outs of it, which you can gain by reading the Shore-Line Construction blog. We can especially help you out if you seek water-related property in Maryland. Being here shows that you are already on the right path to buying smart; here are red flags to know when buying land.

Unreasonably Cheap Land

Cheap land is not necessarily a scam. However, if the cheapness is obviously unreasonable, then something is amiss. For example, it would be unheard of to see 500 acres listed online for $35. The best way to check is to look up the company selling the land and read its reviews.

Undesirable Deed Restrictions

A deed restriction is a rule for what you cannot do to develop your property. You might not be allowed to block a scenic view shared by neighbors, build anything outside the historic style of the neighborhood, or even use chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers. 

Contaminated Soil

Soil quality matters immensely for construction, gardening, and farming. You must have an accurate assessment of the soil quality to know what you are working with. For instance, if the previous owner failed to control erosion, all the soil’s nutrients might be gone and the soil unworkable.

Seller Trying to Rush a Deal

In many cases, the problem might not have to do with the land itself but with the people selling it. If the seller makes it appear like many lots are selling fast or getting you to commit in a rush, don’t be phased. It might be a scam and the lot hiding undesirable details.

Lies or Misleading Facts About the Property

Speaking of which, the lot might not be as advertised. It might have drainage issues, sinkholes, poor soil quality, etc. The seller might also promise a refund, but give you a hard time if you do try to refund. It is best to check the real estate company’s reviews.

Undesirable Surrounding Properties

Check out what the surrounding land is like and what its zoning is. Are you purchasing residential land in a commercially-zoned area? Are there a lot of vacant lots? You might not like the future commercial construction plans next door, and long-standing vacant lots could signal a higher criminal activity rate.


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