Tips for Maintaining a Gravel Driveway

Tips for Maintaining a Gravel Driveway

Keep your custom gravel driveway looking its best with these tips.

If you have a waterfront home in Maryland, there’s a fair chance that you also have a gravel driveway. This rustic driveway material is popular in the state and relatively easy to manage. Even so, there are a few things to do to maintain a gravel driveway. Here are some tips.

Keep Tools & Materials 

Because gravel is a loose material, it is likely to shift around and even spill over onto the lawn over time. Eventually, puddles and potholes can form. To avoid getting these conditions, one should always have several tools and materials on hand:

  • Extra gravel
  • A rake
  • A shovel
  • A compactor
  • Weedkiller

Best Practices

As for maintaining a gravel driveway, you’ll want to follow these best practices:

  • Never simply rake some existing gravel over to a low spot in the driveway. If you spot a hole, fill it with new gravel and tamp it down with a compactor, so the other areas stay intact. You will also need to spread a fresh layer of gravel once every two years to maintain its function and look.
  • Instead of raking gravel around, use the rake for clearing away twigs, leaves, weeds, and other such debris from the surface. For a clean and safe driveway, one can do this weekly.
  • If weeds are a problem in your driveway, you have several options. You could pull them out by hand after a good rain, create a barrier between the landscaping and the gravel, or apply a weedkiller like herbicide or vinegar on a hot, dry day. Never use a weed wacker.
  • If you notice the gravel keeps washing out, it may have to do with the grading. Gravel driveways should be highest along the center ridge and slope downward on either side by 2-5 degrees. 
  • In the rare event that it snows in Maryland, keep an inch of snow over the gravel to protect it from upheaval from shoveling. Avoid using a snowplow, which can shift the driveway in an undesirable manner.


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