green building concepts, custom home building

Green Building Concepts

There are many reasons to implement green building options into your new home, including:

  • Tax benefits
  • Reduction in energy bills
  • Improvement in home air quality and comfort
  • Reduction in time and cost for home maintenance
  • Reduction of construction wastes
  • Promotion of cleaner air
  • Reduction in fossil fuel dependence

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our homes use energy-efficient products such as Energy Star appliances, "Low E" high performance windows, insulated doors, energy efficient "hybrid" heating and cooling systems, water saving plumbing faucets. We use construction methods to create a significantly tighter building envelope. Many of our homeowners have taken advantage of the geothermal systems and rainwater collection options.

The result is a home that can reduce energy consumption and waste while enhancing homeowner quality of life through the improvement of air quality and comfort.

Energy Star and International Energy Conservation Code

A home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set forth by the US Environmental Protect Agency. These homes are at least 15% more efficient than standard homes. The I.E.C.C. or International Energy Conservation Code includes additional energy-saving features that make homes approximately 20-30% more efficient than standard homes.

Shore-Line Construction homes are approximately 40% more efficient than standard homes. Our homes consistently exceed Energy Star and I.E.C.C. International Energy Conservation Code guidelines. Many of our homeowners have taken advantage of the Solar Photo-Voltaic, Geothermal System and rainwater collection options Shore-Line Construction offers.