What Is a Rainwater Collection System?

What Is a Rainwater Collection System?

Can saving rainwater make your waterfront home more energy-efficient? Find out here.

Going “green” has been a popular concept for decades, and creating efficient systems has always been the goal for every type of technology. When it comes to home design, building and appliance companies have devised innovative ways to become more efficient, particularly in water usage. If you are looking to have an energy-efficient waterfront home in Maryland, a rainwater collection system might be appealing to you.

What Is a Rainwater Collection System?

A rainwater collection system can be as simple or advanced as one desires. One might first imagine this system to be a wooden barrel at the corner of a rustic farmhouse, but today, many more people are utilizing this idea. Around the world, in places like Australia, Germany, and the U.S., houses and businesses are using rainwater in addition to tap water for anything from watering gardens to supplying the building’s plumbing system.


Why is harvesting rainwater a good idea? Acid rain may have been a notable issue in the 1970s and 80s, but today, rainwater is relatively clean. One might even say it is more palatable for plants, animals, and people alike since it is chlorine-free. If you are worried about erosion on your waterfront property, collecting rainwater is one way to prevent it. This system is easy to install for pre-existing and new construction homes and is easy to maintain, too. Everyone can see the benefit of using it for its purpose: to supply your home with fresh water that’s also free. Why not direct this natural resource for its best possible uses?

Practical Uses

One can use rainwater for potable and non-potable uses. One can install a system in which it will be used in showers, toilets, sinks, etc. You can even put it in your pet’s water bowl. It can also supply water for fountains, ponds, and swimming pools, and the washing of your car and driveway. It is also excellent for irrigation systems. If a rainwater collection system is a feature you’d like for your custom waterfront home, talk with Shore-Line Construction!


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