Why Build a Custom Home in Maryland?

Why Build a Custom Home in Maryland?

Building a new home in Maryland may be more in reach than you think.

A new home is in high demand in Maryland. Families grow, individuals start new lives, and people look for something fresh and different. However, in Maryland, people have more options than they realize. A custom home is a fantastic housing option and is more accessible than you might think. Why build a custom home in Maryland over buying an existing one? Could this be the plan for you?


The average cost of a home in Maryland can range widely, but this state’s real estate prices do rise above the national average. The average cost for an existing home in Maryland in 2021 is $341,686, but a luxury home will cost significantly more. The same can be said for custom home builds, not including the land, which can cost several thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand. Remember that the land must be suitable for building. All in all, if you can afford an existing home that requires renovations, you can just as easily build a custom home in Maryland. For more details, feel free to contact Shore-Line Construction!


Location is always a major factor in choosing a home. The neighborhood, the land, and the amenities are not in a homeowner’s control, so it is best to plant oneself in a spot that will be agreeable for many years to come. Maryland has much to offer and is known as a mini America, complete with the coastal plain, forests, and mountains. It consists of both major cities and farmland, stellar schools and shopping districts. Best of all, it has plenty of waterfront, with generous river and Bay views.


Locations provide all the exterior amenities like schools, shopping, and scenery, but custom homes also offer interior amenities that might not be available in an existing house. If your expectations for an ideal home don’t come standard in a typical building, a custom construction might suit your best. Otherwise, you will need to factor potentially major renovations into the cost. Custom home building offers what you need and want at the forefront.

Solid Investment

Lastly, having a property that is designed by you on your own land will be one of the most solid investments you’ll ever make. This property and home can be a lifetime home and a house to pass on to future generations. With a high-quality view and design, it will most likely appreciate over time.


At Shore-Line Construction, we know that your home is a reflection of you. That’s why we strive to make each home we build as beautiful as the family who will live there. We work with each of our clients to design a home that fits their needs. The end result is a durable, energy-efficient custom home that the family will enjoy for generations to come. Shore-Line Construction has been serving our customers for over 25 years, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you!

If you’re interested in learning more about what Shore-Line Construction can do for you, check out our website or give us a call at 410-574-6623. Keep up with all of the latest news by following our blog and social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Houzz!

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