Are Dining Rooms Still Popular?

Greenspring Vally Home dining room

The formal dining room continues to grace today’s homes. Is one right for yours?

You might be wondering if formal dining rooms are going out of style. In some ways, you are correct to believe that the formal dining room has not been as popular as it was many decades ago. From the advent of the electric stove until now, the formal dining room has appeared less and less in new construction homes. Are dining rooms still popular, and is it worth designing one for your custom home? 

Formal Dining Rooms Making a Comeback

Yes, dining rooms are still popular. A better way to put it might be that dining rooms are making a comeback in the United States. Although open-concept layouts with eat-in kitchens or dining room nooks have been appealing to the contemporary market, formal dining rooms are becoming more desirable. People who live in homes with formal dining rooms are using them much more now than ever, and new construction home plans with dining rooms could meet today’s daily living needs.

Dining Rooms Are Now Multi-Functional

Today’s formal and informal dining rooms are more multi-functional than ever. The dining room might be where you work from home, where the kids do homework, and where you do other activities like playing games or doing crafts. Most of the time, the dining table doubles as a desk. For this reason, formal dining rooms remain popular as a private area to dine and work.

It is also possible that people are valuing time together more, particularly in the form of eating together. Sharing a meal together is a special bonding experience unlike any other, and a formal dining room fosters this activity well.

Dining Room Size

Dining room sizes differ from house to house and could remain relatively the same as in ages past. In the late 1800s, children ate in the nursery and not the formal dining room. Today, family sizes tend to be smaller, so many dining rooms are smaller. However, you can customize the dining room square footage according to your desire with a custom home.

The Informal Dining Space Is Still Popular

Keep in mind that the informal dining space is also a popular design. Also, if you do prefer to have an eat-in kitchen, nothing is stopping you from having a formal dining room as well. 


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