Benefits of Living on the Water

Benefits of Living on the Water

Blue spaces make life better; with a waterfront home, you can enjoy their benefits all the time!

In Maryland, we are blessed to have access to so many natural bodies of water. We have rivers, creeks, estuaries, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean on our shoreline. With all these miles of shoreline, we have many opportunities to build homes and communities on the water. It is one thing to visit the beach, but it is another to live on it. There are uncountable benefits of living on the water; here, we will list the top ones.

The Mystery of Blue Spaces

We will never fully understand why living and being in nature produces a calming, healthful effect on human beings. Many attribute it to man’s original connection with nature. Regardless of the true cause, it is evident that enjoying time in the wild outdoors does us good, and among the places to be, by the water is the best. A study by the University of Sussex developed the term “blue space” to describe areas with water views and concluded that people feel happiest when in green and blue spaces. 

3 Benefits of Living on the Water

Eases the Mind

One of the most immediate benefits of living on the water is that it calms the mind. Water views are a sure way to destress, and when you see them daily, it is like you are always on vacation. The proof of this idea is shown in multiple studies, but one could go to any of Maryland’s waterfronts and feel the serenity at once. The sound, smell, and sight of water all create a soothing experience.

Encourages a More Active Lifestyle

A waterfront view often draws people outdoors into their backyards and beaches and onto the water itself. People become more active and have easier opportunities to go kayaking, rowing, fishing, paddleboarding, etc., all of which allow for constant immersion in nature.

Produces a Myriad of Health Benefits

These two benefits of living on the water combine to create the third benefit: a thousand improvements to one’s overall health. It can help people heal from PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and it can cause people to lose weight, sleep better, and live longer. 


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