Why Do Doors Open Inward?

Building a Home in a Windy Area

Why do doors open inward? Should they?

In life, there are many details that are ordinary and overlooked, but hold great significance that could alter your life if they were different. These details could be in your own home. For example, a kitchen sink is usually under a window, but could pose challenges if it were anywhere else. Such another example is door positions. Why do doors open inward?

Residential vs. Commercial Doors

Residential exterior doors usually open inward, but they are different when it comes to commercial, public doors. Commercial entrance doors tend to open outward. Why? If a large crowd needs to evacuate quickly, it is easier to push a door outward than inward. 

High Wind Areas

Another argument for doors to open outward in general, or why public doors open outward, is that they are sturdier against hurricane winds. Florida homes have outward-opening doors for that very reason. Wind can push an inward-opening door much easier than one meant to open in the opposite direction. They have protected hinges to keep intruders from breaking these weak points.

Why Do Doors Open Inward?

The Positive View

The positive reason for installing doors that open inward is security. Doors that open inward have hinges placed on the interior rather than the exterior, making it impossible for would-be intruders to break open these vulnerable points. It is also easier to see your surroundings immediately when the door opens inward vs. outward.

The Negative View

The negative view is only negative in that it shows what inward-opening doors avoid altogether. Doors that open outward can have many drawbacks: enabling accidentally hitting someone in the face, making it hard to retrieve a package directly in front of the door, and making it hard to come in and out in a tight space, like a balcony. 

What About Interior Doors?

Interior doors typically open inward, also for the reasons of security and privacy. It takes longer to see what is in a room when you open a door into it, giving whoever is inside to cover up or prepare if it is an intruder. It also saves space in high-traffic areas like hallways.


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