8 Easy Ways to Cool a House in Summer

Minniti Home family room

There’s more than one way to keep your home cool!

With summer on the horizon, we are already having hot days mixed with cool days here in Maryland. If you have a custom waterfront home with us at Shore-Line Construction, you can expect to enjoy a cool, air-conditioned home. However, what if you want to do more? Here are eight easy ways to cool a house in a hot Maryland summer.

1. Use Trees to Your Advantage

Trees are for more than beauty. Although they should not hang over your house lest a storm cause a branch to fall on your roof, they can still help to shade and thus cool your home on a hot summer’s day when placed strategically.

2. Rotate Ceiling Fans Counterclockwise

Having the ceiling fan rotate clockwise helps circulate warm air evenly in winter, but having it turn counterclockwise will actually help cool your home. It pushes air downward and creates a breeze.

3. Create an Icy Breeze

One trick for creating a cooler room is to direct a box fan’s airflow into a room with a bowl of ice water in front of it. The air will send a cool breeze in your direction and make you feel like you’re at the spa.

4. Open the Windows in the Evening or Morning

Evening and early morning are the coolest times of day in the summer. Open your windows at these times to give your home some fresh air and ventilation without using power.

5. Limit Light in Your Home

The less light there is, the less heat there is. Close the blinds, draw the heavy curtains, and limit indoor lighting. Even your overhead lighting or lamp light can increase the indoor temperature, even if minimally.

6. Use LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs are trending, and for some great reasons, like their low energy consumption and minimal heat production. If you have incandescent lightbulbs in your home, switch to LED for cooler air without compromising on warm lighting.

7. Limit Appliance Usage

Although baking, roasting, grilling, and cooking are great, limiting how much you use your range or other cooking appliances will help keep your home cooler on a really hot day as well.

8. Cook Food Outdoors

Summer is a great time for eating cold drinks and foods cooked outdoors. Have a party and enjoy the summer weather!


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