Try Surf Fishing this Summer!

Try Surf Fishing this Summer!

Have you ever tried surf fishing? It’s a great activity for a day at the beach!

Passing the time in the summer doesn’t always have to involve swimming, water sports, or building sandcastles. Sometimes, one of the best ways is to take up fishing! Even if you have never imagined yourself to be an expert angler, you can always learn. It’s not too late to find out more about surf fishing.

Pick The Rig

When you’re first learning the ins and outs of surf fishing, finding the right rig will be a huge help! The fish finder rig is the best choice, but if you are unable to get your hands on it, then you can also use the drop rig. The fish finder rig is the right call for all beginners to use. After you gain some more experience, you can play around with other rigs and see which one you like best.

Patiently Look Around

Once you reach the spot where you intend to go surf fishing, be patient! During low tide, you can look around for any hazards that might make it more difficult to catch the fish that you want. These obstacles include dips, hollows, sandbanks, and reefs where fish might be hiding from their natural predators. They also might be too busy eating to hang around in the spot where you want to set up shop. Talk to people with more experience to find out more tips and tricks only they would know.

Use Live Bait

You never know what kinds of live bait will help until you actually try them out. Mole crabs, shrimp, squid, and soft shell crab are all different types of bait that you can use to tempt the fish onto your hook.

Wait for High Tide

Be sure to wait for high tide before you start your fishing adventure. The two best times of day to begin are at dawn right before the sun rises and at dusk as it begins to set. That’s because the fish are coming out all at once to go into a feeding frenzy. You just need to exercise some common sense and common courtesy though, because you won’t be able to see anyone or anything on the beach as darkness starts to fall.


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