5 Flood-Proof House Ideas

5 Flood-Proof House Ideas

If your waterfront home site is in a flood zone, consider these fool-proof ways to flood-proof your home!

The Chesapeake Bay and its rivers create countless spots for Marylanders to build beautiful waterfront homes. Perhaps you yourself are looking for all your options concerning building a custom waterfront home. If you are building in a flood zone, it would be wise to do more than buy flood insurance. Below, you’ll find five flood-proof house ideas to keep your house dry should flooding ever occur.

Raise the House

One of the most tried and true ways of creating a flood-proof house is to raise the house. One could prop up the main building on stilts, columns, or a platform. If you are going for a beach house vibe, stilts might be an appealing option. When high tide comes, your house will be prepared.

Build a Wall

Another method is to build a wall that guards the house from floodwaters. Even when the flood reaches several feet high, the house itself is still completely untouched. The concern about building a flood wall is how it might affect your waterfront view. This option is one you can ask your custom home designer about.

Flood-Proof the House

If stilts and view-blocking walls aren’t up your alley, then creating a sturdy, regular house with special flood-proofing materials might do the trick. One can install flood-proof windows and doors that can become the face of an outdoor aquarium in the event of high waters. One can also seal the home’s exterior with specialized products to prevent water from permeating it. Additionally, the house can be reinforced structurally to prevent collapse.

Minimize Flood Damage

Letting the water through the house at the ground level prevents hydrostatic pressure from building up. One method of allowing water to travel through is to literally allow it to flood the house. However, electric sockets sit higher than average, floors are waterproof, and permanent furniture is as waterproof as possible. Another method is to create a durable living area below the main level, such as a garage, a patio, or a rec room.

Build High and Dry

Lastly, if your home site is in a flood zone, look at its topography with your home builder and determine what the highest elevation is on which your home could sit. The higher the house is, the less likely flooding will be an issue. 


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