Fall Maintenance Tips for Waterfront Homes

Fall Maintenance Tips for Waterfront Homes

How does one maintain a waterfront home in autumn? Check out these tips!

It might seem hard to believe, but fall is already upon us! With the geese flying in formation on their way down south, it’s time to start thinking about things you might want to do for your waterfront home. Fall decorations are always welcome, but there are also several practical ways to care for your custom waterfront abode. Here are several fall maintenance tips for Chesapeake Bay area waterfront homes.

Maintaining Access Points

Let’s start from the entrance. If you have a long or narrow driveway that leads to your property, you will want to make sure that that road remains open and free of debris. Sickly overhanging tree boughs could be a threat, for instance. You will also want to check your doors and windows for faulty locks and have a sound security system.

Checking the Shoreline

At the back of many Chesapeake waterfront properties is the shore. Your shoreline might have some erosion control installations in place, such as a retaining wall or a living shoreline. It doesn’t hurt to check the wall for damage in the spring and fall. The same goes for man-made living shoreline structures like breakwaters, groins, and sills. 

Inspecting the Dock

If you have a dock, you will need to maintain and repair it over its 25-year lifespan. Inspecting the dock for damage is a great activity for the fall and the spring. You will also want to inspect it after any harsh weather. Anything wrong with the structure, such as warped deck boards, loose rails, and metal corrosion, needs attention.

Repairing Outdoor Structures

Do you have a wood deck or balcony? Over time, these structures can also deteriorate and lose structural integrity. Fall is an excellent season for working on such repairs; the weather is cool, mild, and not overbearing. Making small repairs now can lengthen your structure’s lifespan.

Winterizing the Home

At the end of fall, you will want to prepare your home to face the freezing temperatures. One can winterize plumbing pipes by letting air escape from all the faucets and wrapping the most vulnerable pipes in protective sheathing. 

Monitoring Humidity

Humidity can always be an issue to monitor throughout the year. At the waterfront, fall maintenance includes running the dehumidifier when needed, checking for mold growth around the house, and encouraging ventilation. 

Check for Drafts

Lastly, check to make sure that all your windows and doors close securely. Your new custom waterfront home should have no issues regarding this, but down the road, it may become something to address with weatherstripping, caulking, etc.


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