How to Make a House Hurricane-Proof

How to Make a House Hurricane-Proof

On the waterfront, it’s important to consider how storms can affect your home.

Hurricane season is underfoot, and building a home on Maryland’s waterfront could mean your house needs reinforcements. Maryland occasionally can suffer from severe storms, flooding, etc., and on the Chesapeake Bay, one can face particularly strong winds. Below are several ways to make your Maryland house hurricane-proof.


Roofing is one of the key areas to reinforce against hurricane-level winds. In the strongest storms, you will often see roofs detaching from the buildings. One can consider metal roofing as a stronger alternative; aluminum, copper, tin, steel, and zinc are all great options. Another option is to use architectural shingles, which can withstand over 100 mph of wind. To keep the roof from detaching, one can hold it down to the structure with professionally installed metal clips.


Garage doors are the most vulnerable to strong winds; a hurricane can easily blow off a non-reinforced garage door, which can build air pressure in the house and cause the roof to blow off. If you live in a spot that could face hurricane-level winds, consider opting for heavy-duty garage doors, or ones with removable metal panels. As for front and back doors, fiberglass is an excellent storm-proofing material.


No one wants a broken window. One can invest in hurricane-proof windows; one can measure its wind resistance by its DP (design pressure) rating. Other options include putting a film over the windows to prevent flying glass should it shatter, and storm shutters. 


Your HVAC system could also undergo some wear and tear during a strong storm. To make your house hurricane-proof, make sure to protect the condenser unit from possible flying debris and remove loose items from around the house. Cool the house down as much as possible in case of a power outage, shut down the circuit breaker and thermostat, and consider buying a generator in case a power outage occurs. 


There are some other things you can do to make your waterfront house hurricane-proof. First, you can prepare the outside of your house by removing loose items, ensuring nearby trees are healthy, and cleaning the gutters. Have first aid supplies, provisions, a sump pump, surge protectors ready and a way to get alerts. 


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