Unique Home Exterior Color Combinations

Unique Home Exterior Color Combinations

A home exterior’s color scheme can be customized to your unique style.

Designing a new home includes deciding on its color palette both inside and out. The exterior look of your home deserves special attention, as it will be the first impression you and your neighbors and visitors have of it. Its color scheme is what ties your home’s style together. If you are looking for home exterior color combinations that are a little different from the rest, here is a brief list to gauge your imagination.

Black, Red, & White

Black, red, and white is both an unusual and classic color combination. This color combination is common in many ways, but on a house, it is striking. A black roof, white siding, and red door and trim can look truly elegant.

Teal, White, & Red

If you are like deep, bold colors full of personality, teal is a great choice. Teal can be a fantastic accent color or siding color. Combine that with a red door or siding, plus white trim, and you have a unique home exterior color combination.

Red & Green

Red and green don’t have to apply only to Christmas decorations. It can also make a great home exterior color combination. A red and green house can have a stunning or rustic look to it, depending on the shade.

Blue & Orange

Whether it’s orange brick walls or dashes of orange paint, orange can also work great on the house. Likewise, blue accents, blue siding, or even a blue roof can do wonders to make a house into a statement piece. Together, blue and orange are classic and appealing.

Green & Blue

Colors do not have to be complementary to make an impact in the neighborhood. Analogous colors, like green and blue, also can create an unusual yet beautiful combination. For example, a blue house with light green shutters would make an interesting choice.

Yellow & White

If you prefer a light and sunny feeling, yellow and white is a great home exterior color combination. Yellow houses are still in style and always bring a sense of sunshine. Along with white trim, one can pair the yellow with a gray roof.

White & Gray

Some color combinations are neutral and unusual. White and gray homes offer a sense of coolness, softness, and lightness. If you love light and neutral colors, this combination could be for you!


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