Custom Kitchen Trends for 2022

Custom Kitchen Trends for 2022

Customizing your kitchen design? Check out these inspiring trends.

Kitchen trends come and go, but some have a long-lasting appeal that you may want for your custom waterfront home. The kitchen is often one of the most crucial rooms of a waterfront house, a place where one spends much time preparing meals, socializing, and enjoying the view. If you are looking to design your dream kitchen, these top kitchen trends for 2022 could inspire you. Check out Shore-Line Construction’s custom homes gallery for more!

Two-Toned Cabinets

Two-toned cabinets are in abundance now more than ever before. A darker color for the lower cabinets and a neutral, light color for the upper cabinets gives the kitchen color without top-heaviness. Blue bottom cabinets and white upper cabinets are highly popular, but other earthy or modern color combinations are also of great interest. Single-color kitchen cabinets are also in style.

Smooth & Shiny Backsplash

Glazed tile backsplashes still make the top kitchen trends for 2022, as well as slab backsplashes. Glazed tiles give your kitchen an easy-to-clean sheen where splatters can happen most. Slab marble or natural stone backsplashes are seamless and can last for generations.

Quartz Countertops

There are many exceptional choices for kitchen countertop materials, but quartz continues to reign supreme as one of the most desirable in 2022. For the past few years, this heavy but seemingly indestructible engineered stone continues to give kitchen countertops quality and beauty.

Wood Elements

Natural wood is also becoming more popular, making it one of the kitchen trends for 2022. Wood is still a strong contending material for your cabinetry, countertops, or flooring. One of its best qualities is that it is antimicrobial, meaning that germs die on its surface and do not penetrate it.

Gold Fixtures

Certain metals come and go in interior design, but each one has its beauty and can be a timeless pair with your cabinet colors and materials. Gold and brass are popular metals today; although they once were considered a 70s feature, they have returned as an excellent contrast to white, blue, and other cabinets of practically any color.


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