Exterior Fall Maintenance Checklist for Waterfront Homes

Exterior Fall Maintenance Checklist for Waterfront Homes

Waterfront homes need care. Check these to-do items off your list this fall for the coziest winter possible.

Waterfront homes require unique maintenance tasks that other houses don’t, although there are other routine tasks that are the same. Maryland waterfront homes face challenges like harsher temperatures, wind speeds, humidity levels, and weather conditions, but the advantages of owning a house on the water balance them out. This exterior fall maintenance checklist for waterfront homes will help keep your property in great shape every year.

Clear the Gutters

Just like with other homes, clearing the fall leaves out of the gutters is a necessary item on the fall maintenance checklist. Fall leaves can block water from draining off your roof and property, leading to flooding and foundation issues. A small clump of leaves can do much damage, but clearing them away saves the day.

Clear Away Excess Foliage

Similarly, fall is a great time to trim back shrubs and trees from your private entrances, whether it’s a path to your side door or a long, narrow driveway to your residence. Keep dead limbs and rogue branches from blocking your way and cut back perennials when their stalks turn brown.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

As mentioned, Maryland waterfront homes can undergo more extreme temperatures than inland houses. Freezing pipes, indoors or outdoors, can cause a major leak due to intense air pressure. The best prevention method is to wrap or cover your exterior pipes and hose bibs with a foam product, which you can find at your local hardware store.

Inspect the Roof

It doesn’t hurt to check out your roof’s condition, especially after a rough storm. Missing asphalt tiles can cause a roof leak; it is best to repair any roof damage as soon as possible. Also check for and remove mold or mildew growing on your roof. 

Inspect the Deck

Wood, composite, vinyl, and even metal decks alike can suffer from damage over the years due to the wind and weather of the Maryland waterways. Waterfront homes often have at least one deck to enjoy the view, so if yours applies, you will need to inspect it for any damage whatsoever.

Inspect the Dock

Private docks also need care, and this care is simple. This part of your fall maintenance checklist includes keeping the dock clean, sealed, and clutter-free. You can also schedule annual inspections and place a deicer like a bubbler in the water to winterize your dock.


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