How to Maintain a Private Dock

How to Maintain a Private Dock

When you build your waterfront home, you might have a private dock. Here’s how to keep it in great shape.

You are considering purchasing and perhaps even building a new waterfront home, and you want to have a private dock. A waterfront house alone will need specific care, but what about your dock? This guide will give you a quick and easy run-down of how to maintain a private dock with no issues.

What’s Your Dock Material?

The first step is to know what material your private dock will be. The most common boat dock materials include pressure-treated wood, exotic hardwood, and composite.

  • Pressure-treated wood: You can expect to re-stain the dock routinely, straighten boards, and make small replacements as needed. Pressure-treated wood is the most affordable option and lasts a long time.
  • Exotic hardwood: Exotic hardwoods cover species like Ipe, tigerwood, mahogany, and others. They may need a different preservative treatment than pressure-treated woods.
  • Composite: Composite decking mixes plastic with wood fibers, making it strong against Maryland’s weather and brackish waters.

How to Maintain a Private Dock

Clean the Dock Once a Year

The most basic way to maintain a private dock is to keep it clean. Keep clutter and debris off it, and feel free to hose it down at least once a year. Pressure washing is an option, but this method can scrape off the top layer of the wood. 

Sand & Stain

If your dock is weathered and splintered, sand it down and apply a new coat of stain. The stain will also usually seal the wood from the water. It will also make your dock’s color shine in its best light. 

Make Small Replacements as Needed

Over time, wood docks will have parts that begin to rot. Catch these spots early, and you can make minimal repairs that will save you from a costly replacement. 

Reflatten Dock Boards If Possible

You don’t have to replace every warped dock board, however. It is possible to straighten the boards with a bar clamp, and doing this will save you money.

Remove Rust Stains

If metal is a component of your private dock’s construction, then rust stains are possible. Keep an eye out for them and wipe them off with an appropriate cleaner as soon as possible.


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