Fall Maintenance Checklist for Waterfront Homes


This fall maintenance checklist for waterfront homes can help you embrace the cold seasons.

Waterfront homes are one of the most desired property types of all. There is something life-giving about seeing the water from your home every day. Of course, depending on your location and the type of water you live near, home maintenance has its challenges. With a great gift comes some responsibilities. Thankfully, this fall maintenance checklist for waterfront homes can help you embrace the cold seasons.

Check Humidity

Some issues you will have to keep an eye on throughout the year. One of them is humidity. With higher humidity, your home runs a greater risk of having mold or mildew. Check that your home has no leaks and that the indoor humidity level is as it should be. If necessary, use a dehumidifier.

Check for Corrosion

Metal, wood, and paint on a house could corrode over time, especially if the air is salty. The Chesapeake Bay has brackish water, which still has some salt in it. If you notice corrosion, it is important to address such issues to prevent structural defects and insect damage.

Clean the House

Pressure washing the house can help prevent corrosion. It will rinse any salt right off of it. During your fall maintenance routine, it is also a good idea to rinse off your patio, deck, and balcony if applicable. Rinse off all outdoor living areas, walkways, and driveways to keep sand out of the house and from ruining the hardscapes.

Clear Autumn Leaves

Also, clear away any autumn leaves that fall on your yard, patio, porch, etc. Leaving around the leaves can block the sunlight and air from the grass and cause mold growth or bald patches. 

Cover & Store Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture also needs some attention. If your furnishings are stationary, cover them with appropriate covers to protect them from the elements. Otherwise, you can cover them and put them in storage, such as in your basement, garage, or shed.

Winterize Outdoor Water Systems

When fall approaches and the weather nears freezing, it will be time to blow out your outdoor water pipes and cover up the openings. It could apply to your sprinkler system, irrigation system, or outdoor water feature.

Prepare for Hurricanes

Hurricane season lasts through November in Maryland. Prepare your home for the impact and for an emergency; if you have not started building your home, Shore-Line Construction has designs to help your house brave the storm.

Prepare for Cold Weather

Check your home’s furnace, windows, and doors to ensure they are ready for winter. Should the furnace break or your openings leak, you could be in for a very cold spell!


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