Make Storage in Your Custom Home

Make Storage in Your Custom Home

Never underestimate your storage needs! See these tips on how to create it in a custom home.

Every home has to have at least a place to sleep, a place to prepare meals and eat, and a place to refresh oneself. Aside from these three necessities, a home would not be complete without storage. You could have a lot of clutter and no storage space, or loads of storage and a neat, spacious home. Here’s how to make storage in your custom home.

Make a Mudroom

You could start at the home’s entrance. The front entryway is where people deal with their shoes, coats, purses, etc. You could ensure that this area has optimum storage and is as big as it needs to be to accommodate your storage needs. It could also come with a mirror, bench, and counter to place utilitarian or decorative items.

Finish an Attic

Some attics are unfinished and unused. Make the most of your attic by finishing it with insulation, drywall, and flooring, and make it easily accessible with a ladder or stairs. There, you can keep all seasonal and rarely-used items safe and out of the way.

Create Closets

If you do not have built-in closets in your floorplan’s bedrooms, it is easy to add closets. You can make a regular closet in a corner or have it span the length of the wall. It can be as deep or shallow as you need; you could even turn a whole extra room into a dressing room.

Enlarge the Garage

Do you want space for tools, a workshop, a chest freezer, or all of the above? If you are looking to maximize storage for specific heavy-duty appliances, tools, and tasks, you could make your garage bigger. It isn’t difficult to extend walls in the design.

Utilize Nooks & Crannies

The most efficient house design makes the most of every square inch of space. Avoid empty, wasted spaces by creating storage where you can. It could be high or low: under the stairs, above a doorway, in built-in seats, or between appliances and walls. 

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