Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Oleary kitchen, brown cabinets

Check out these exciting new kitchen trends for 2024!

When building a new home, you can customize everything as you please, including the heart of the home, the kitchen. While you may have ideas for your new custom kitchen, looking at the kitchen design trends for 2024 can inspire you afresh. You might be surprised to learn the top kitchen design trends for 2024!

Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Quiet But Communal Design

The kitchen is no longer a place to hide at the back of the house but a place to invite your guests to and gather as a family. People desire kitchen appliances that are as quiet as possible; no noisy refrigerators allowed here! It should also have enough workspace and seating for socializing, so eat-in kitchens with sizable kitchen islands are popular.

Efficient Storage Solutions

Efficient kitchen storage space has always been essential, but there are more ways than ever to organize your kitchen goods. You can make your storage as specialized or general as you like; for instance, you can have a place for your mixer or pull-out shelves in a lower cabinet where you can assort your dry goods.

Natural Cabinets and Walls

Did you think wood cabinets were out? Surprise! They are coming back into style. Whether you go with light-colored or dark-colored wood, natural wood cabinets put a warm tone back into kitchens and can be very homey without feeling dated.

As for walls, green was a top paint color choice. People want to draw the outdoors in, and there is hardly a more nature-like color than green. 

Cooking Appliances for a Healthy Diet

Healthy living is something that everyone wants, and diet is a part of it. You can’t prepare healthy meals without the right cooking appliances, and so the kitchen designs of 2024 make room for integrated air fryers, steam cookers, and more.

Countertops, Hardware, and Backsplash

Granite and quartz used to be the two materials contending for number one countertop material, but in 2024, porcelain is entering the scene. 

As for hardware, gold is the top finish, while bronze and copper are runners-up.

Kitchen backsplashes make a statement and can be unique natural stone slabs, painted tiles, etc.


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