Top Kitchen Appliances for New Homes

Top Kitchen Appliances for New Homes

Customize your kitchen with today’s top kitchen appliances!

Building a custom home involves many steps, from choosing a custom home builder to finalizing a floor plan to selecting the finish of the doorknobs. One major detail to cover in custom home design is the kitchen. When planning the kitchen of your new home, you will want to look into integrating all the kitchen appliances you want. Now’s the time to take advantage of new and innovative kitchen appliances for new homes; see what’s in store!

State-of-the-Art Range

The most important element of the kitchen is the range. After all, the kitchen is a room dedicated to cooking. One should research well the various options out there for kitchen ranges, as one can choose ones with new features never seen several decades ago. Some ranges feature griddles, deep fryers, pitt cookers, and other specialized equipment. No matter what, it is well worth installing a high-quality range for your new home.

Double Oven

If you know what it’s like to prepare Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, you can appreciate the idea of having two ovens instead of one. Some ranges are built with a double oven, but the more familiar version is the double wall oven. These ovens are insulated from each other, so no excess heat or food smell will leach into the other compartment.

Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is an under-the-counter appliance that conveniently keeps dishes warm. A warming drawer is useful when juggling multiple recipes or saving a meal for later. Some warming drawers are designed to heat up plates, bowls, etc., before serving a meal as well.

Customized Refrigerator

There are many more options than the white or black top-freezer fridge these days. Aside from various configurations, such as French doors, side-by-side, bottom-freezer, etc., one can find refrigerators with doors in doors, W-Fi connectivity, flavored water dispenser, and more.

Vacuum Drawer

Another nifty kitchen appliance is the vacuum drawer. This drawer is specifically for vacuum-sealing meats, vegetables, and other ingredients in vacuum-seal plastic bags. This type of storage is beneficial for marinades and food preservation.


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