Preparing Your Home for the Holidays: Advantages of Installing a Second Oven

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays: Advantages of Installing a Second Oven

There are so many reasons to install a second oven for the holidays!

This holiday season it’s time to make a kitchen update that will make the holidays way more manageable. If you’re hosting for your family and friends this year, you know how quickly a kitchen can become too small. Without enough space in the oven and on the stove, you’re stuck cooking in batches, only to have things wind up cold. Adding a second oven is a great way to do away with this problem while adding several other benefits.

Cooking With Different Flavors

If you are cooking two recipes with very different flavor profiles, you may find that trying to put the two dishes in the same oven results in unwanted flavor mixing. Because the steam from cooking foods can mix together, you could wind up with a cake that has a faint taste of salmon. This is not optimal for your holiday feast and is likely to end in ordering takeout. If you have a double oven, both dishes can be prepared at the same time without worry.

Cooking With Different Needs

Aside from the risk of unwanted flavor combinations, different recipes must be prepared at different temperatures. When you have a second oven, this isn’t even an issue. One dish can be cooking at 375º another can be under the broiler. Or you can use the second oven to keep finished food warm while other dishes continue to cook.

Safer For Children

An added benefit of a double oven is that one tends to be up high, keeping it safely out of reach of curious little hands. Not only does this make your home safer for any children, but it can mean that it is safer for pets as well.

Great For Large Families

In a large household, there is often a need for many things to be cooked at once. Adding a second oven can help significantly improve the entire meal preparation process. This also makes it a great options for rental houses with roommates who might eat separately rather than as a family unit.


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