Living Room Entryway Design Ideas

Adding Secret Rooms to Your Custom Home Design

Does your custom entry open into your living room? Follow these design ideas to help it flow!

Does your front door open into the living room? Perhaps you are planning your custom home design and have gone with a plan with this characteristic. If so, you will want to know how to make it as functional as possible. Take these living room entryway design ideas to heart!

Designing Your Living Room Entryway

Why a Foyer Is Necessary

Naturally, a living room entryway is void of a foyer, a front door opening into a hallway. Why is it necessary to form a kind of foyer in your home, no matter how minimal? A foyer allows you a place to put your purse, your keys and wallet, your outerwear, and any outdoor gear like dog leashes. It is a highly practical space that one should try to preserve in some way at the front entry.

Include a Piece of Furniture

The most minimalist way you can achieve this goal is to include a piece of furniture by the front door. It could be a cabinet or a closet to hold your coats and shoes. If it is mid-height, you can put a tray on top to hold your keys. If the space is too limited, you could use wall-mounted coat hooks in addition to a shoe cabinet or closet.

Create a Mid-Height Wall

You could also install a mid-height, partial wall to delineate the space. This wall could also have narrow, built-in storage for umbrellas and the like. Otherwise, it could just be a space divider and a place to set your keys.

Use a Decorative Privacy Screen

If a wall is too bulky and permanent for you, a privacy screen could also help divide the space. This option gives you a chance to be very creative with your living room decor and color scheme.

Build Out an Arch or Wall with a Large Entrance

The suggestion of a foyer is most prominent with a wall dividing the front door from the living room that is still open to it with a large entrance or archway. A mere column or two could also work.


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