Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Home’s HVAC System

Important HVAC Maintenance Tasks for Spring

Learn how to protect your home’s HVAC system during hurricane season.

With scientists’ predictions that we’re in for a tumultuous hurricane season, understanding how to protect all aspects of your home is critical if you live in areas that might be affected. From creating a storm supply closet of bottled potable water to boarding up your windows, there are many steps you can take to ensure that your loved ones and home stay safe. Keeping your HVAC secure is just one part of this puzzle. Once the storm is over and the power back on, you’ll want your HVAC to keep you comfortable from the heat and humidity, as well as to help keep your home dry and mold-free if there were any leaks or issues.  

Before The Storm 

In preparation for a big storm, there are several things you should do. First, be sure to cut off the power to the unit either by the circuit breaker or a master cut off switch. If you have a window unit you will want to unplug it and bring it inside. If there is a power surge of a flood, having the unit turned off will help protect it significantly. Just be sure that it’s dry and safe before you turn it back on. Next, you will want to cover your unit to keep it safe from debris. A large tarp that is secured to the ground is a great way to keep it safe. You might even put a layer of styrofoam or cushioning under a tightly sealed tarp to help protect your unit from falling or blowing objects. If you live in a highly hurricane-prone region you may want to invest in a custom-built wooden cover to keep your unit protected during storms. 

Once The Weather Clears 

With the weather cleared it’s time to start doing damage control. Before you try to turn your unit back on, you’ll need to inspect it to be sure there was no damage or flooding during the storm. If there is, you could risk causing an electrical short that destroys the unit after all your work to keep it safe. You can do some of the basic inspection yourself, but it’s best to have a professional come out to do a thorough inspection. 


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