How to Improve a Room without Windows

How to Improve a Room without Windows

Sometimes, the rooms you want to have windows in just won’t be able to fit them in.

Even though you have input over your custom home, not every design is practical. Sometimes, the rooms you want to have windows in just won’t be able to fit them in. So the next choice you have to make is how to spruce these rooms up. Let’s find out together!

Use More Mirrors

One way to get more out of a windowless room in your custom home is to add more mirrors. When you put them in the right places, mirrors can help the room look and feel bigger. Get more light into the room, especially if it already has a low ceiling. Sometimes even the door for the closet can be mirrored. If done tastefully, the effect is second to none and can really help put your custom home into the next level.

Think About the Paint

Paint can also help change perceptions of the room. In a room with no windows, the paint on the walls becomes even more important. Use white paint or other light colors to open up space inside the windowless room. Satin, gloss, and high-gloss also make a difference, too. That’s why you should consider using them in the design of the windowless room if you haven’t already. 

Draperies Help Too 

The draperies don’t have to be attached to the windows. You can find other ways to mount them on the wall. You can create the illusion that there is a window in the room even when there isn’t. You can also use this to take a bedroom to the next level as it can be a pretty background for the bed, which should be the centerpiece of the room.

Add a Glass Door 

As we alluded to before, glass can make a big difference. It might not be the best fit for a bedroom, but it makes for a great addition in other rooms around your custom home! It helps open up the room and increase how much light it gets. 


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