Do I Need Retaining Walls on My Property?

Do I Need Retaining Walls on My Property?

Besides the myriad of structural benefits of retaining walls, they also add safety and look great while doing it!

If your property has any slopes, you may have heard your landscape designer bring up retaining walls. Besides the myriad of structural benefits of retaining walls, they also add safety and look great while doing it! Here are some reasons you may want to consider retaining walls on your property. 

Added Stability

Firstly, and probably most importantly: retaining walls help to increase the stability of your land. Over time, rain and other adverse weather conditions cause the soil to shift. This displacement can weaken the soil around your property. Retaining walls can be used in areas that are particularly vulnerable to soil erosion to shore them up and make the soil stay put. 

Keep Flooding Away from Your Home

You love your waterfront home. You chose an area near the water for a reason, right? Well, one of the unfortunate side effects of living in coastal areas is that flooding can happen quite a lot, particularly in the spring and summer months. Fortunately, retaining walls can be placed in such a way that they direct floodwaters away from your home. If a storm bad enough comes through, that could give you valuable time in case an evacuation is ordered. In less severe conditions, the water that might otherwise be trying to sneak into your home would ideally flow around it instead. 

Adds more Functional Space to Your Property

Unless you’ve managed to find a piece of land that has no hills whatsoever, there is most likely some sort of slope on your land. While a tiny incline probably won’t do much to interrupt your landscaping flow, a larger hill could have much more of an impact. Let’s say, for instance, that your backyard is one big hill with a beautiful little river at the bottom. Retaining walls can be strategically placed along that hill so that you can put garden beds or even a patio right on the side of the hill. The landscape design possibilities are endless! 


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