Features to Create a Spa Bathroom

Features to Create a Spa Bathroom

A custom home build allows you to create a spa bathroom. See what that could look like here.

A spa bathroom is a private space in a home in which to relax in luxury. The definition more or less adheres to whatever makes the owner feel most at home. In a custom home design, you have an opportunity to create a spa bathroom that fits your taste and preferences to a tee.

High-Quality Materials

No matter how simple or ornate your design is, it is essential to use high-quality materials to create a spa bathroom. Even if all your bathroom has is the basic shower, sink, and toilet, the materials you use will be long-lasting and appealing. Spa bathrooms typically use natural materials like stone and wood to generate an earthy feel.

The Bathtub

A spa bathtub is one with water or air jets. This type of tub can be therapeutic and especially so with people who need frequent massages. On the other hand, you could also use a drop-down or freestanding tub to make that relaxing spa experience as well.

The Shower

There are many different types of showerheads, but the most common one associated with a spa is the rainfall showerhead, which lets water droplets fall from the ceiling like a gentle rain shower. Dual shower heads are also popular; handheld sprayers add efficiency.

Heated Flooring

No one likes the feeling of stepping out of a warm shower into a frigid bathroom. Heated flooring can sooth that dread and keep the warmth going with radiant heat. This system allows heat to enter the body directly and rise upward naturally.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting design today is highly functional. You have your overhead lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Spa bathrooms can have lights with dimmers and color-changing lights in spaces like the shower and bath to set the mood.

Smart Home Features

A smart bathroom is one in which a person can control different bathroom features through an app on their phone or iPad. They can control the lighting, floor heating, music, etc., through one device. Today, one can even connect the shower to the smart home.


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