Light and Airy Home Design Characteristics

Shore-Line Palski fireplace porch

How can you create a light and airy home design? Read on!

Some people need a lot of color in their homes, and some want a dark and moody cave. Others like it light and airy, and that’s okay! A bright interior design is perfectly fitting for a waterfront home, where the view opens onto a tranquil Maryland river. If you want to curate a light and airy home design, take note of these characteristics.

Light-Colored Walls

Light-colored walls are the go-to for light and airy home designs, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with white walls. You can go with a pale tan, a light gray, or a light color like baby blue or peach. 

Light-Colored Flooring and Rugs

Light-colored flooring will keep the color scheme consistent. A light wood, luxury vinyl plank, or tile is suitable. However, you can also add contrast with a medium-dark floor and a light-colored rug on top or tiles with a dark contrasting pattern.

Large South-Facing Windows

South-facing windows get the most sunlight in Maryland. Ideally, your home should have the most windows on the southeasterly side to fill your house with the most sunlight possible. If you have water views, you’ll especially want to have expansive windows to catch it all.

Airy Curtains

Heavy curtains for privacy and blackout curtains for sleeping are no problem, but otherwise, a light and airy home design has no curtains or very filmy, light curtains. It would be just enough to give some privacy but let the light through.

Light-Colored Furniture

Light-colored furniture is also a go-to for this kind of interior design. It’s common to see beige couches, light wood, white countertops, and glass coffee tables to go with the color scheme.

Room for Contrast

Having light-colored furniture might be the norm, but it is not the rule. Don’t be afraid to add touches of color, dark window trim, and contrasting pieces of furniture if you would like.

Natural Decor

Finish off your light and airy home design with natural decorations. It could be faux plants, dried bouquets, nature paintings, woven baskets, etc.


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