Make Your Waterfront Home a Sanctuary


Your waterfront home can truly be a sanctuary! Here are a few ways you can make it so.

Home is a place where you belong. It is your haunting grounds, your dwelling place. It should be where you most feel yourself. If you are thinking or in the process of building a waterfront home, it should certainly be a place where you can rest. Make your waterfront home a sanctuary with these key pieces of advice.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keep your home clean. It is one of the simplest ways to make a place feel welcoming. A dirty home will make you physically sick and doesn’t help your mental well-being either. Set up a cleaning routine if you don’t have one already, or at the very least do it when you see it’s necessary. Agree on who does what kinds of cleaning so there is no frustration or overloading on one person.

Keep It Clutter-Free

Clutter is inevitable in any home to some extent, but the more clutter a home has, the more distracting it gets. It can make one feel disorganized in their thoughts and ill at ease. Keep everything organized, get rid of excess, and keep storage areas organized as well. Even knowing that the bathroom vanity’s supplies are in order can make you feel better.

Face the View

What’s the best way to make a waterfront home a sanctuary? Take in as much of the beautiful waterfront view as possible. There is something soothing about viewing water. While your furniture arrangements should be functional for your home, they should also take as much advantage of the water view as possible.

Use Your Favorite Colors

As for the views of the home interior, they should be doused in your favorite colors. To keep them calm, you can use neutral colors, light and soft colors, or dark and moody colors. If bright and bold colors make you happiest, by all means, go for them!

Incorporate All the Senses

Nothing creates a sanctuary like a beautiful, clean space filled with your favorite smells and sounds. Scented candles and your favorite music are just two things you can add to your custom waterfront home that will enhance your experience all the more.


At Shore-Line Construction, we know that your home is a reflection of you. That’s why we strive to make each home we build as beautiful as the family who will live there. We work with each of our clients to design a home that fits their needs. The end result is a durable, energy-efficient custom home that the family will enjoy for generations to come. Shore-Line Construction has been serving our customers for over 25 years, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you!

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