Staying Safe at Your Summer Barbecue

Staying Safe at Your Summer Barbecue

Here are some fabulous tips for how to grill and barbecue more safely and make sure everyone enjoys themselves this summer.

The summer is when you’re going to be using your grill whenever you can. Take a minute to think about what you plan on grilling, though, since meat products like hot dogs and hamburgers require different cooking times than the chicken you pulled out of the freezer in the garage or the fish you just caught from the lake in your backyard. Here are some fabulous tips for how to grill and barbecue more safely and make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

Double Check the Grill

If you keep your grill in an enclosed space, then you will want to make sure it is clean before you use it again. Doing this isn’t just for safe ventilation, either. It all comes down to how close to your home that you keep the grill at the ready, even when it isn’t lit. Overhangs, low tree branches, and other obstructions could cause the grill to backfire or provide a medium for a fire to ignite, causing a house fire when you least expect it.

Keep Kids and Pets Clear

The next tip you should follow is to make sure that you are operating the grill as safely as can be. To do this, you need to remain distraction free. In short, keep all of your kids and pets clear of the cooking area. Create a cone of safety that extends for at least three feet in all directions around the grill while it is hot, and even after it is cooling down since the coals can still be too hot to touch.

Open the Lid First

Now that you’re ready to start grilling, proceed with caution. Slowly open the lid first before you do anything else. A gas buildup could lead to a scary blowout. Keeping an open flame under control is the most important thing to do no matter if it’s shrimp, scallops, or pork that is going on the grill next. Letting some of the gas out before you light the coals is the best way to do it and keep everyone safe.


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