How to Winterize a Waterfront Home

How to Winterize a Waterfront Home

Waterfront homes need routine TLC as winter rolls around. These tips can make it simple!

Whether it is your forever home or your home away from home, your waterfront house will need some TLC before winter comes this year in Maryland. The temperatures and winds at the waterfront can take their toll on a house, which means it can help you to have a handy home maintenance checklist at hand. Here’s how to winterize a waterfront home in Maryland!

Plumbing & Pipes

Water pipes are one of the elements of a home most susceptible to the ravages of frigid temperatures. If the pipes reach the freezing point, the pressurized air inside of them can cause the pipes to burst, causing a water leak or possibly a flood. One can ensure that this does not happen by insulating the most vulnerable water pipes with a commercial or homemade insulator.

If you are planning to vacation away from home this winter and turn off the heat while you’re gone, you can avoid a burst pipe by turning off the main water supply, opening all the faucets, and letting all water hoses drain completely.

Roof & Gutters

Another way to winterize your waterfront home is to inspect and clean your roof and gutters. Shingle roofs and metal roofs alike need inspecting before the winter comes in full force, and gutters should be free of debris to prevent water damage and pests.

Windows & Doors

You want to stay warm and toasty in your waterfront home and save on your heating bill too, so be sure to check your windows and doors to see that they have no leaks whatsoever. In a custom home built by Shore-Line Construction, you should not need to worry about that so soon, but over the years it will help to keep an eye on the condition of these fixtures. Should any leak occur, one can use weatherstripping as an effective and affordable solution.

Outdoor Furniture

Waterfront properties usually have a beautiful deck, balcony, patio, or a combination of these features to enjoy the great outdoors. If you have furniture in your outdoor living space, remember to put them away in a cool, dry storage space for winter.

Protect Your Dock

If you have a private dock, now is also the time to inspect your dock’s condition and your boat’s condition. If you expect the water around your dock to freeze over during winter, one can use a bubbler to keep the ice away. Meanwhile, follow your boat or watercraft’s maintenance guide to winterize your transport.


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