How to Make House Cleaning Fun

Plastic bucket with cleaning supplies in home

Is it possible that house cleaning could be fun? Here’s how to make the most of your spring cleaning.

Cleaning is not everyone’s favorite task; after all, it is a chore. Even so, if you don’t clean your house, life will become far more miserable and unhealthy than if you have a clean house. Is there a way to make house cleaning fun? There isn’t just one way; there are at least six! Let’s dive into how you can make house cleaning a time to look forward to.

Listen to Your Favorite Jams

Put on your favorite music on the stereo or your wireless earbuds; play music with a rhythm you can work to or a melody you can listen to for hours. There is nothing like music to help the work go by. You could even dance as you go!

Listen to Audiobooks

The best books have stories that suck you in and keep you going until it is over; instead of sitting down to read, try listening to an audiobook while you clean. You can dust your shelves, check your AC, inspect your gutters, and refresh your home in just a few short hours or less!

Invite Your Friends to Help

Many hands help the work go by quickly; have a get-together and make a party out of it. It doesn’t hurt to ask a group of friends if they’d be willing to help you out with some major spring cleaning while chatting over refreshments and music.

Make a Phone Call

Is there someone in your life you haven’t talked with in a while and would love to catch up? Is there a family member you call regularly for at least an hour at a time? Make it a time to do a little house cleaning at the same time.

Burn Some Calories

Another way to keep your home pristine during spring cleaning or otherwise is to make it a part of your workout regimen. Count doing yard work, deep cleaning, and decluttering part of your exercise for the day and track how many calories you burn.

Go on a Cleaning Spree

Sometimes just the love of a clean home is enough to motivate. A clean home gives mental clarity, better health, and supreme satisfaction. The chores are worth the effort, whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter


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