Spring Cleaning List for Waterfront Homes

Spring Cleaning List for Waterfront Homes

Refresh your waterfront home with a custom spring cleaning list!

Spring is a season of new beginnings; they can apply to anything, even your home. That’s right; spring cleaning is a time to refresh your home during the start of a new season of life. As the weather warms, you can make your house like new with this spring cleaning list for waterfront homes.

Make a Custom Spring Cleaning List

List Your Rooms

The first step in making a custom spring cleaning list for waterfront homes is to list all the rooms in your house. Each home is different and will have a differing collection of rooms. You could use classic pen and paper or notetaking software. Make columns for each room so you can list cleaning tasks underneath each.

List All Deep Cleaning Tasks per Room

Next, list all deep-cleaning tasks for each room in the best order possible. The list might begin with decluttering, move on to removing loose dirt and dust, and then on to sanitizing or washing. This order is generally the best way to clean a room thoroughly.

Add Due Dates

Are you really dedicated to getting your spring cleaning done this spring? Set a schedule for when you will complete each task or room cleaning. It could be as swift as a weekend or spread across several weeks. Just remember, it can be fun.

Adjust as Needed Over the Years

As the years go by, you might need to adjust cleaning tasks here and there as your furnishings or room functions change. A playroom might become an office, and a kitchen might gain new features. Expect the list to be flexible over time.

Spring Cleaning List for Waterfront Homes

Watch for Corrosion

If you live in a waterfront home, especially one by salty water, you will want to inspect your house for corrosion. Check for corroded siding, gutters, roofing, or any exterior metal. 

Watch for Mold & Mildew

Humidity can build up and foster mold and mildew growth on and in your waterfront home. Check for mold growth in nooks, corners, and spots in your house, especially if you notice a musty odor or experience headaches or vertigo. Clean off mold or mildew on your home exterior, fence, etc.

Sweep Away Sand

There’s a chance your entrances could get sandy if you go to the shore a lot. Don’t forget to blow or sweep away sand from your entrances to keep them clean.

Manage Humidity

Is your house too humid? It’s best to get a humidity meter and a dehumidifier if necessary. Air out your home and keep it cool.


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