Are Bathtubs Worth Having in Your Custom Home?

Are Bathtubs Worth Having in Your Custom Home?

Is a bathtub worth it for your custom bathroom?

You might wonder if having a bathtub is still popular or if it is completely outdated. Do many people take baths anymore, anyway? You might be surprised to learn that a lot of people of all ages take baths. Even so, if you are building a custom home, you might wonder if it is worth having a bathtub at all. There are reasons that having at least one bathtub in your home is worth it. Let’s go through the questions below to help you determine your bathtub and shower stall choices.

Do You Take a Lot of Baths?

First, do you habitually take baths every week or month? Then the answer is easy. Fit in as many baths into your home as you see fit, especially in your primary bathroom. You have quite a lot of choices for bathtubs, but the ultimate design depends on the space you have and the style you’re going for.

Do You Have Young Children?

While you can put a portable baby bathtub on your shower floor or even use a large sink to wash your young children, you can make bathing your children more efficient by simply installing a bathtub into your home. Include a bathtub in your secondary bathrooms that the children will use. That way, there is no need to purchase additional basins or to use the kitchen sink.

Would You Like a Spa Bathroom?

Are you looking to create a spa-like atmosphere in your primary bathroom? If you want to treat yourself at the “spa” at home, then a bathtub is a must. The right bathtub can become a beautiful focal point in your design. 

Enjoy the Massive Health Benefits of Having a Bath!

There is nothing like soaking in a bath, which has many healthful, therapeutic results. Soaking in a tub of warm water helps with sleep, blood circulation, lung health, muscles and joints, and much, much more.

Why Settle for One or the Other?

Why settle for one or the other, a tub or a shower, when you can combine the two? This shower bathtub is the best option for getting the most out of small spaces.


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