How to Create an Indoor Outdoor Living Space

Shore-Line Palski fireplace porch

Create the coziest outdoor living space with these ideas!

No matter what time of year, it is always possible to enjoy your outdoor living spaces with the right design. Whether you are planning to gather with family on warm summer evenings or host parties for friends on a chilly autumn day, you can be prepared to keep comfortable. One of the biggest trends in home design is bringing the indoors out. Here’s how to create an indoor outdoor living space in style.

Ways to Create a Cozy Indoor Outdoor Living Space

Create an Outdoor Living Space with Clear Boundaries

The best way to start your design is to have clear boundaries for your outdoor living area. This area could be a patio, deck, or porch. Establish where the boundary lines are. If the seating area is within a larger blueprint, you can establish the zone with markers like columns, curtains, or lattices.

Preserve the Views

While creating an enclosed area, don’t block the views. Your view might be the back garden or a landscape beyond or at the edge of your property. For example, it might be the woods, a field, or a river. Keep the coast clear for your waterfront views if you have a waterfront home!

Include Shelter

Have shelter overhead so that you can sit out even when the sun is beating down or the rain is pouring. You can add a roof through a pergola, gazebo, screened porch, sunroom, or porch.

Incorporate Heating

Don’t forget to add a substantial heat source. To create an indoor outdoor living space, make it look like a cozy indoor room, bringing indoor elements outdoors, such as an outdoor fireplace installation. 

Furnish Nicely

Lastly, furnish the outdoor room with indoor-like furnishings that can withstand the outdoor elements. Add a rug, some seating, a side table or two, and a coffee table. The coffee table could double as a fire pit. 

A Great Example from Palski on Bullneck Creek

The Palski home on Bullneck Creek is a great example of the framework for an indoor outdoor living space. Like a courtyard, it connects multiple points of the home together but looks out onto the beautiful creek. Everyone can stay warm with the stately outdoor fireplace.


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